German courses for Norwegians studying German philology

The DNSZ offers a number of 2-4 week intensive courses per year, open to participants of all Norwegian universities associated.

Enrolment via each home university.

Depending on your home university, the course may replace a corresponding module in Norway.


The lessons will take place at the “Lektorat Deutsch als Fremdsprache” (Department for German as a foreign Language) at Kiel university. You will have between 16 and 20 hours of classes each week.

The main focus is on practising verbal language skills intensively. Grammar, regional studies, literature and exercises in written form are the subjects usually taught. Another component of the course is the participation in so-called discussion groups, in which you can apply your language skills in smaller groups.

Besides the above mentioned, every student will conduct an interview at an organisation or company in Kiel. You will prepare your interview in class and also evaluate it in class afterwards. You are free to choose your subject area.

In addition, you will have a block seminar regarding the topic “intercultural communication Norway – Germany”. You will also take part in a group discussion with students of Scandinavian culture and language studies.

Taking part in the lessons is obligatory and prerequisite for receiving credit points.

Link – a timetable sample


The students will conduct an interview with a public figure during their stay in Kiel. The interview partners can be from various fields of expertise, working for a company, an organisation or institution, such as tourism, school, politics, environment, church, media etc.

In order to find a suitable interview partner for each student, we will kindly ask you to fill in the form called “Interviewünsche” (interview requests) when enrolling. You will find out who you will be interviewing during your first week of school here. You will prepare the interview and the questions while in class, prior to your actual interview appointment. Afterwards, you will write a report which you will then present to your fellow students orally in your last week of the course. This way everybody can benefit from everyone’s experiences and learn more about Kiel.

Link – a sample report

Framework programme

Every course is complemented by varied social activities. This is meant to give you the opportunity to discover Germany’s culture, geography and mentality, as well as getting to know Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein on a deeper level.

The framework programme usually includes a guided walking tour of Kiel, a visit to the parliament of Schleswig Holstein and two other excursions to places nearby. The participants are able to join the sailing team of the International Center during the summer months (link). Depending on course dates, there may be the opportunity to join an excursion offered by the International Center as well as a visit to the NDR (Northern German tv channel) in Kiel.

Destinations of some of the excursions
  • Lübeck
  • Schleswig
  • Flensburg
  • Hamburg

All course programmes include a number of days off for the participants to go on short trips by themselves. The Deutsche Bahn offers low-priced train tickets for small groups of up to 5 people.